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Tokyo Mothers Group

English-speaking support group for families in Tokyo

Apps and Other Useful Websites

There are so many apps out there and new ones are released all the time. We have listed just a few that have been popular with Tokyo Mums - to download search for them in your app store. If you have an app that you would like to tell us about then please get in touch!!! Email us at [email protected]

City Cost app and website
The real cost of living in Japan.

Helps you find change tables and feeding rooms.

Japan Travel Guide by Tripso
The Japan Travel guide offers you complete and up to date city guides for Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama and many other travel destinations in Japan.

Speak Japanese instantly with imiwa app.

will help you navigate your way around and also can help you find wifi spots.

help plan your route and schedule by checking train times.

restaurant guide in English.

Google Translate
take a picture and it can help you translate the meaning.

to log feeding/sleeping/diaper changes. Especially useful for first 3 months in that you can notice natural patterns that may emerge in your baby's day. Also good when you are so tired you can't remember when you last fed/changed your baby!

Japan Real-Time Quake Alert
It compiles quake information from various sources to give you an alert as soon as possible.

Other website's for mum's

This list is a work in progress so please email us your favourite websites and we will be sure to add them!


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Health care 

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