Feel free to check out our site and have a look around.  We also have an active Facebook group if you are interested in joining and the details are below. We host seasonal events and the information is posted via our Facebook group and email system.

Signing up will mean you also receive periodic emails with information about upcoming events and workshops and useful information from our sponsors.

Membership is free.  To become a member you need to:

 1) Register on the website - click on "Register" under "Welcome to TMG" on the right.  ***Right now this area is under construction and an error message will come up, so please email coordinators@tokyomothersgroup.com instead with your name and reason for wanting to join TMG***

 2) Subscribe to the mailing list - the subscription details to fill are under the small TMG logo also to the right. Click on "Subscribe" once you're done. 

3) Request to join our FB group - please email the Coordinators or send a message to one of the FB group admins to confirm that you have complete steps 1 and 2.

 *Please note that we get hundreds of FB join requests a month. We will not add any members to the FB group until they have contacted us as stated above.

For any questions please email: coordinators@tokyomothersgroup.com

TMG is on Facebook

TMG has an extremely active facebook group. You are welcome to join our community of international mothers (and some fathers!) after you have completed the steps outlined above.

Privacy Policy

Tokyo Mothers Group will sometimes list recommendations for places or services however we are not personally endorsing any of these and cannot accept responsibility for any issues you may have after using these places or services. If however, you ever find fault with something published on our site please let us know.

TMG does not accept payment for any reviews made unless their business appears on our sponsors page. We only take on sponsors we fully support and believe in and would not be endorsing anything if we would not use it ourselves.

Your privacy is very important to us and we do our best to protect your data. If you are ever concerned please let us know.

Welcome to TMG